Design work can only be assessed on the basis of its impact upon

the user, the affected or the viewer. The work of the past 30 years was influenced predominantly by the following themes:

Ecological Buildings: since the 1980s, research on low-emission materials and building processes.

Atmosphere: What is an individual’s emotional reaction to different materials, surface textures, exposed structural building elements, colours, proportions, light and shadow?

Surface Haptics: The significance of tactile considerations, in terms of physical touch or visual perception.

Corporate Identity and Structural Properties in Wood Construction: Research and development of construction systems that embrace the image of timber, rather than hiding it as is done in market-leading timber-frame construction. The structural properties of wood are highly suited to forms of construction that openly display load-carrying and structural properties.

_____Ecological Buildings _____________ Atmosphere_________

_____Surface Haptics_____________Structural Properties______