Hybrid Construction (Solid and Wood Construction)


Multi-storey residential building, Triesen (LI) | 1998

Building envelope in frame construction around a concrete skeletal core: As achieving high levels of sound insulation in timber construction is cost-intensive, a mix of timber and concrete building methods was tested in the context of multi-storey residential construction. The skeletal concrete structure is constructed and surrounded with large framing elements to form the building envelope. In conjunction with highly insulated exterior wall constructions, this combination can be deemed as particularly economically suitable and energetically sound, due to the synergies between the heat storage properties of concrete and a highly insulated building envelope.

Mehrfamilienhäuser, Schaan (LI) | 2006

Building envelope in frame construction over a concrete skeletal core: Similarly to the Multi-family dwelling in Triesen, this building ensemble is built using a mix of construction techniques. A concrete skeletal structure is built and large highly insulated frame elements form the building envelope. The clear sequencing of processes – the building core, followed by the envelope – is conducive to a rational building approach. Due to maintenance considerations, the initially planned wooden skin was replaced with a façade made of corrugated cement elements.